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Re-imaginando las relaciones México-Estados Unidos: del presente al 2024


Reimagining U.S.-Mexico Relations:  From Here to 2024

Edited by
Pamela K. Starr

The concurrent presidential elections in the United States and Mexico in 2012 produced a flood of publications analyzing U.S.-Mexico relations and presenting policy recommendations.  This literature is dominated by articles and books that provide a rich understanding of the subject at hand but that are often too long to be easily accessible to policymakers with limited time.  These publications also focus on the moving target of bilateral relations, meaning that elements of their analyses can quickly become outdated and their policy recommendations overtaken by events.  This edited volume is designed to avoid these inevitable pitfalls of traditional publishing.

Rather than rely on long essays needed to justify the costs of traditional publishing, we present short policy briefs that speak directly to policymakers on both sides of the border.  By not relying on paper publishing, the essays in this volume can be updated as required to keep their analysis fresh and their policy recommendations relevant.   And by embedding each chapter in a resource page, this volume offers readers links to essential background readings and analysis of current developments about the subject of the chapter and key issues raised by the author.  It also creates an opportunity for readers to improve the quality of the publication by using the U.S.-Mexico Network’s contact link to suggest items that might be added to the resource pages.

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Table of Contents

Pamela K. Starr

Economy and Trade
Luis de la Calle and Christopher Wilson

Health Care System Complementarity
Julio Frenk and Octavio Gómez-Dantes

Clean Energy and Intelligent Interconnections
Jeremy M. Martin and Tania Miranda

Mexico and the Mexican Community
in the United States

David Ayón and Carlos González Gutiérrez

Security Cooperation Between the United States and Mexico
Viridiana Rios

Mexican Venture Capital:  A Comparative Analysis of the Mexican Venture Capital Industry (forthcoming)
Anthony Ulloa

Public Diplomacy: A “European” Solution to Mexico’s Image Problem
Selene Barcelo M.

Managing the Bilateral Relationship (forthcoming)
Pamela K. Starr